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Programs for Parents and Preschoolers

Group activities for parents and preschoolers take place weekly for an hour and a half. The first part of each session is dedicated to a joint parent-child activity. In the second half of each session, parents and children split into two groups – one for the parents, one for the children.


Parents reflect on every-day situations and discuss concerns and dilemmas they encounter in their parenting. Meanwhile, in the children's group, the main focus is on enhancing social skills through working in a group.


All our groups are led by proffesionals in the fields of education or therapy.


This year's groups:


"Nature and Us" - for parents and 3 year old children


"Cooking Together" – for parents and 4 year old children


"Time Together" – Quality time for parents and preschoolers. "Time Together" sessions are held several times a week and families can come as often as they like.                      


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