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Programs for Parents and Babies

We believe the first year is critical in babies' future development and therefore  aim to help parents support their child's development.


In our programs parents receive:


1. Knowledge about babies' development: positive stimulation, motor skills, language and cognitive development, health and nutrition.


2. A supportive place to ask questions, share experiences and meet peers.



Our parent-infant programs:


1. Home Visiting Services – a professionally-led weekly session at the family's home.


2."Time Together" – professionally-led sessions that include free play and experiential activities for parents and infants. The sessions are held several times a week and parents can come at their convinience, as often as they like.


3. "First Touches" – group sessions for parents and infants: Touch and connection are essential to babies. Long before babies communicate with words, parents can connect with their child through movement, sight and sounds. The child's emotional, social and linguistic development stem from these experiences. Based on this belief, we created a 5 session program that combines movement, touch, and music. The group is intended for parents with babies aged birth - 6 months.


4. Baby massage workshop – A 5 session workshop for parent and baby, led by two instructors certified by the International Association of Infant Massage. The purpose of the workshop is the promotion of supportive, loving touch between parents and their children.


5. Screening for Developmental Delays at well-baby clinics – At two well-baby clinics (Tipat Chalav) in Tirat HaCarmel, on a specific day, our occupational therapist or physiotherapist check for developmental delays, refer parents for further treatments when needed and offer information on child development. The program is run in close collaboration with the municipal social services and the well-baby clinics staff.

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