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Vision and Principles

Our Vision: Quality developmental environment for every child in Tirat Carmel.


Our Principles:


Including the parents: Studies indicate that a responsive parent and a positive parent-child relationship are the main factors to a child's development and future success. Ha'paot Center therefor sees parents as active partners in all the services provided to their children – parents are present in treatments and involved in decisions. We support parents in building responsive, positive relationships with their children.


Working in collaboration with all service organizations that effect parents and children: We collaborate and share knowledge with social service, the education department, municipality, daycare centers and schools, health centers and various academic and research forums. This collaboration ensures the pooling of resources, increasing the effectiveness of programs and offering the best possible care to each family.


Adapting to the changing needs of the community: One of the cornerstones of implementing programs in Ha'paot Center is flexibility in our methods. We adapt programs to the changing needs of families, and develop innovative programs to answer any rising need in community.


Cultural sensitivity: Tirat Carmel is home to many immigrant communities. In Ha'paot Center we understand that of any effective intervention program has to take into account the cultural traditions of the family, and the parents' goals in raising their children. We are careful not to impose evaluation tools and Western values on different cultural groups that we work with.


Investing in our staff: All our programs are operated by highly professional staff, and we invest heavily in training, supporting and providing supervision to all of our 80 staff members.


Evaluating Programs and measuring success: We strive to operate evidence based programs, and therefore emphasize data collection, documentation and program evaluation. Many of our programs were evaluated by professional researches.


Emphasizing early intervention: Early intervention allows prevention of problems rather than rehabilitation. Studies show that the most effective way to reduce social gaps is to invest resources in the education, health and wellbeing of children in their first five years

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