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Screenings for developmental delays

Studies indicate that when it comes to developmental delays, the earlier the intervention the more effective it is. For this reason, one of the objectives of Hapaot Center is to identify children with developmental delays as early as possible, and it operates a screening program at all the recognized daycare centers and infant health centers ("Tipot Chalav") in Tirat Carmel.



Screenings at Infant Health Centers ("Tipot Chalav")


Screenings are held by a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist, with close collaboration with medical staff of the station. The team aimes to detect developmental delays and when needed refer parents to recieve further services. They also answer parents' questions and provide basic information about child developmental.


Screenings in Daycare Centers


 Screenings are conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists in collaboration with the daycare staff. The team meets with all children and interviews daycare staff. The screening examines language development, fine and groase motor skills, cognitive skills as well as emotional maturity and coping skills.

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