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Early Education Center

Our Early Education Center is part of an educational revolution in Tirat Carmel - implementing cutting edge research to enable children to reach their full potentials.


The Center provides services to 65 children ages one to three. Our staff includes a director, 5 lead teachers, 14 care-givers and a cook.


The Early Education Center was established based on the international ITERS scale for early education, and in its first years enjoyed the academic backing of the Department of Child Development of Haifa University, led by Prof. Avi Sagieh Schwartz.




What makes us special:


- Spacious setting: the design of the building is based on the ITERS scale and on the understanding that children need space and an environment that is not overloaded with stimuli.


- Low child-staff ratios: in order to provide individual care and accommodate each child's needs, we are strict about small groups and large staff. The average ratio at the Center is one caregiver per five children.


 - Professional staff: Our lead teachers are all sertified early childhood teachers. Our caregivers all participated in a preschool provider training course. All staff members get weekly training hours - both as a group and individually. Training includes on-site observations and evaluation and peer support.


- Being part of a larger organization: We enjoy the direct support Ha'paot Center's Treatment Unitin screening for developmental delays and in offering services to families who need them. Our staff and parents enjoy lectures and events at Ha'paot Center.


- Emphasizing relationships: Education starts in the home. We strive to cultivate a relationship with each child's family, so we would not be strangers to his/her world.


- Healthy diet: the center provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks. All meals are cooked at the center with the utmost care for a healthy, fresh, and varied menu.

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