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Ha'paot (Infant) Center has been working since 1990 to serve infants and their parents in the Nothern town of Tirat Carmel, with the understanding that investment in the early years is critical to a child's development and future, the wellbeing of the family and the future of the community.


The center provides services to the entire population of Tirat Carmel with an emphasis on marginalized communities and children in high environmental, physical and emotional risks. Each week about 1000 children receive services through the Center.


We operate in partnership with the Tirat Carmel Municipality and thanks to the kind support of foundations and private donors.


We operate in 4 main strategies:


Treatment and Screening for Developmental Delays: The Center provides occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and emotional therapy services for children birth to 6 years old. We also conduct screenings for developmental delays in all certified day-care centers and all early childhood health centers in Tirat Carmel.


Parent Training and Support: Ha'paot Center understands that the parent is a child's biggest asset and a leading factor in his or her's development and success. We therefore operate a professional home-visiting program for parents, as well as professional-led play groups for parents and children. Our "Parent Academy" offers courses, workshops and lectures to parents.


Early Education Center: We operate an early education center that provides services for 65 children ages 1 to 3. The center bases its work on the international ITERS scale for early childhood education and prides itself of its low child-staff ratios, professional teams and spacious facilities. 


Adult Education in Early Childhood: Ha'paot Center bases its work on vast theoretical knowledge, cutting-edge research and models. We believe that by sharing our professional knowledge with anyone working in the field, we can bring about nationwide change in early childhood services. We therefore offer professional workshops and courses  to a variety of professionals working with infants and toddlers.




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